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Un viaje ala jungla (jungle trip wing)

The book is about two children who have the mission to spell undone he had done his friend Nicky, who had a spell to do while on a mission to find five things that represented the letter of the name of the fruit or something undo the spell that had a magical book that led to the place where they would find everything that represents the letters of the name to undo the spell that traveled to five different places and in five places is always an animal that took them to the representation of each letter.


In the end they managed to find five things to undo the spell and then went to a house that was a tree where his friend was there put everything where it belonged were the first initial of the name of each order that the name undo the spell He was "handle", which managed to break the spell and saved his friend Nicky stopped being a rat and returned to the girl I was. the names of the two children was Ricky and Melany.


the goal is for two children want to free her friend from the spell had been done.


This story is nice because it implies that most of the time the true friends are always with you in good times and bad loos.


Was one of the conflicts on the road to find five things to undo the spell it is that everywhere also were an evil beast who wanted to harm them but managed to undo the spell that had made her friend.


What I liked was that the two boys got what they wanted to achieve was to undo the spell of her friend and that despite that there were obstacles along the way but did not give up